the case for op space

The Case for Space

So my friend told me about this and I guess I should have expected to find a thread originating here at apforums. I haven’t seen the video – I’m not gonna watch a 15 min+ video of just some dude talking, but I think a lot of the points I make here are the same. Here’s another post that speaks to everything comprehensively, that I haven’t finished digesting but will soon.

On your left: The One Piece World

The Mugiwara go in to space. I know it doesn’t sound glamorous or sensical; purists probably hate the idea because they like One Piece being relatively grounded in reality (as odd as that sounds) as compared to other manga. Either way, I think there is too much history with space for the Mugiwara not to eventually explore it.

We’d like to present a brief One Piece history lesson, a lot of which is taken extremely liberally from the One Piece Wiki.ย It’s all understandably vague because a lot of the “space-stuff” has been on cover stories, but a narrative has been created.

History Refresher (wiki/timeline)
There is an ancient city on the moon called Birka. Similarly, there is a Sky Island on the Southeast Side of Skypeia named Birka.

The paintings on the wall of Moon-Birka revealed it was once the home three winged races who worked together to create the Spaceys. Resources in Birka eventually ran dry, and the winged races separated to different areas in the One Piece World below.

The Shandians settled on Shandora/Jaya in 402 AOS, while the Birkans and Skypeians settled in the Sky Islands now known as Skypeia. 722 AOS (~800 Years Prior to the Current Timeline): Shandora falls, signaling the end of the Great War and the Void Century. In 1122 AOS, Monteblanc Norland visits, and in 1127 AOS, it becomes shot up to Skypeia by the knock-up stream.

The Birkans (left)
The Shandians (middle)
The Skypeians (right)

The Birkans presumably settled on Skypeia-Birka, but 8 years ago Enel destroyed it and and took over Shandora/Upper Yard (knocked-up-Jaya) from the Shandorians. Enel then claimed himself God of Skypeia, Luffy kicked his ass, and then took the Maxim to the Moon.

A Couple Predictions

// Capone Bege got pulled in by the gravity of a closely orbiting Moon or Planet.
–> If you look at the orbits of these moons/planets, one of them is suspiciously close to the entrance of the New World.
–> Ohara’s model shows the moons/planets orbiting closer to the OP World in the New World. This neatly explains why compasses don’t work in the New World and why the seas are so much more difficult to navigate: multiple space-bodies are messing with the tides.
–> Could also explain why the Calm Belt exists, why Enies Lobby is always bright, and the Florian Triangle is always dark
–> Also explains how the Spaceys could get to the Moon by balloon.

// Monet will join the Strawhats with the dream of going in to Space.
–> Monet is an astronomer, shakily implied by the “ASTRO” on the books to the left.

Next Time..

We know Space Pirates exist – starting with the Ancient Moon-Birkans and more recently the Foxy-looking ones that Enel met. We know that Alubarna was around before the Ancient Kingdom’s rise, as was Ohara’s Tree of Knowledge, Shandora, Fishman Island, the Island of Giants, and certainly many others. It’s no coincidence that Poneglyphs can be found in each of those areas – but why haven’t there been any other accounts of the Ancient Kingdom? We know the World Government destroyed and took over the Ancient Kingdom, and also formally researches Devil Fruits.

How are all these tied? The great mysteries in One Piece almost have to be in order for it to all make sense. We’ll attempt to answer these questions next time, once we better organize our thoughts. As I’m typing this out, I’m realizing more and more that to prove our point, organization is key, and I haven’t done enough it of it yet ๐Ÿ˜›



One thought on “the case for op space

  1. I must say that Mugiwaras going to space is really an awesome theory! ๐Ÿ˜€ When I looked at the page where there is really a word Astro on Monet’s book there is really a possibility that she is an Astronomer. If Luffy will hear the story about the Sky Pirates and the Moon he will surely want to explore it! Nice theory! I like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted by dragonsword | September 28, 2012, 5:55 pm

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