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So I don’t know if I’ve ever meant to make this a page or can even promise that I’ll update it, but I’ve found a lot of cool One Piece media and I should probably compile them somewhere. As always, I’m trying to give credit to who/wherever I found it, so if the source isn’t the original source, feel free to let me know!

oda’s art by year

many thanks go out to discovererman @ reddit, who posted this great little infographic that details how oda’s art style has changed over the years for the mugiwara crew

all the one piece color spreads

thanks to huystuhh @ reddit for sharing this album he created. here’s a link to the imgur album, and here’s a few I was able to assign names:

the bath is ready | strong world | mafia | halloween


Amazing Animated Jolly Rogers by zxcv11791 on deviantart! Here’s just a few of them – they are unimaginably awesome.



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