about onepeacetheory


i believe that in this hyper-connected, internet age,
we, as online citizens, have a responsibility to:

curate the massive amount of content available,
filtering out the garbage for those that do not have the time or means,

and create content,
contributing to the pile,
but one day making something worth sharing

onepeacetheory.com is the result of the love i have for one piece,
to the end of curating content,
and contributing to the internet society


i wanted to start this website because i really didn’t know where to get all the latest one piece theories that are out there, so I figured why not. you’ll probably notice that, in general, i just link to a whole bunch of different theories from people within the online one piece community.

a little bit more about me if you care to know: http://about.me/nLi
otherwise, my content creation site: limunan.com (whatever photo-a-day)
and another content curation site: thequemoderne.com (music blog)

happy sailing πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “about onepeacetheory

  1. sugoi~~!! this is really great. your blog is just about what i needed. i’ve been searching and lurking around several forums for about a month now, looking for a substantial and lengthy discussions about the most interesting and mind boggling aspects of OP: one piece itself, will of the d, poneglyphs, etc. thank you for your hard work! im positive i’ll be frequenting this site a lot. *bookmarking already. XD

    Posted by my pace (@ch_amnos) | February 16, 2012, 10:02 pm

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About Onepeacetheory.com

The One Piece Universe is infinitely mysterious and remarkably elegant. Eiichiro Oda has created something really special, and has taken Monkey D. Luffy on an adventure over 10 years in the making. The best part is, they're only halfway!

This site is dedicated to the best and latest One Piece news and theories. Join me in discussing the latest chapters, your latest theories, and raising awareness for the greatest story being told.

I'm trying to standardize the formatting for this site, so use this as a general guide for now with hopes that it will all be consistent in the near future :)

// denotes a theory
\\ denotes a question
<-> related, objective facts
--> evidence towards
<-- evidence against

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