What This Section Is:

Basically, I’m going to roll out every side thought/theory here and add a little bit of commentary. If one of these becomes more and more of a possibility, I’ll move it over to “Vegapunk – Working” and give it its own page! This page will probably get updated every week or so, but I update the twitter constantly with these things so follow @onepeacetheory if you want to see them a bit sooner!

Table of Contents:
Unmistakable Pattern
Urouge vs. Enel
Remnants of Ancient Technology
Next Shichibukai – Buggy/Kidd
Next Mugiwara – Kuma
Kaido and Vegapunk
Jewelry Bonney
Mugiwara Parents
Makino’s Baby

Unmistakable Pattern – fishman island post @ onepeacetheory (hey, that’s us!)
// // Baron Tamago, Trafalgar Law, Kuma and Gol D. Roger +Whitebeard related in some way.
–> Look at Tamago’s pants \\ Law’s Hat \\ Kuma’s Hat \\ Roger’s Bandana \\ Whitebeard’s Cape (20 Years Ago)
–> I noticed Law and Kuma’s hats and Roger’s bandana earlier but I didn’t want to mention it ever. But 5 incidences should no longer be considered coincidence.
–> It’s interesting that Whitebeard’s cape no longer displays the pattern, but did 20 years ago when he was claiming Fishman Island. Does that mean he gave his away to someone? If so, cool! But who? Why?
–> It’s hard to really hypothesize how the heck these people in different crews and entirely different situations could be related to each other, but why not just guess that it has something to do with the Will of D./Void Century/Rio Poneglyph/One Piece/Mark of the Revolutionary/blah blah 😛

Urouge vs. Enel – hairyCucumber’s comment @ reddit
// The island Urouge is on is currently being run by Enel.
–> I’m going to upgrade this to it’s own page soon, but I want to get this thought down before I forget it.
–> There is lightning spilling out of the island Urouge is visiting next.
–> Enel is the Lightning Logia.
–> It’s kind of perfect, isn’t it? Urouge is a Skypeian and Enel was a Birkan. If Luffy ever visits this island we may learn more about Shandora yet!
<– That Island is Raijin Island and the Mugiwaras seem to have passed it up altogether. We have no reason to believe Enel is on that island anymore!

Remnants of Ancient Technology – WarshipArc’s comment @ apforums
// The Hero’s Water from Alabasta and Energy Steroids from Fishman Island are treasures from the Ancient Kingdom.
–> Alabasta has existed since 500 years before the Void Century, perhaps longer.
–> Fishman Island has existed since at least the Void Century by virtue of Joy Boy’s age.
–> They do similar types of things, just for different amounts of time and for different species. It’s no real stretch to think that they have a similar base (molecular/theoretical) or creator.

Next Shichibukai, Buggy/Eustass Kidd – HeroesDieFirst’s comment @ reddit
// Buggy got that one letter, so a lot of people have been speculating that he’ll be one of the next Shichibukai.
–> In fact, this is as good as confirmed by killmer @ apforums (original thread). The scene above and the one with Blackbeard’s invitation together make a pretty convincing case.
// Eustass Kidd, however, also makes a lot of sense to be a Shichibukai.
–> There’s a lot of spots open. Teach is out, Moria is out, Jinbe is out, Kuma is.. well, there but not there.
–> Kidd is powerful and malicious ($315mm Bounty) and him meeting Luffy in the New World has already been greatly foreshadowed.
–> This isn’t necessarily evidence, but Kidd has another Supernova in his crew, Killer. It means they’ll match up well against Luffy and Zoro if they have to and I can see the chapter title already: 2 Supernova vs. 2 Supernova

Next Mugiwara, Bartholomew Kuma – SBS Volume 59 @ one piece wiki
// “D: Odacchi! I noticed an amazing thing!!! It is that if you show the Strawhat Devil Fruit users in numbers, it will be the numbers from 1~10!!
Luffy-Gomu Gomu (, Chopper-Hito Hito (, Robin-Hana Hana (, Brook-Yomi Yomi (
(, but there is no 2 and 9, so is the one who ate the Nikyu Nikyu ( no Mi, Bartholomew Kuma, gonna be a Strawhat next? Please tell me!!! P.N. SHANKUS.LOVE
O: WHAAAAAT?! (shock) Gosh that surprised me!
Why was I surprised?! NO COMMENTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! NEXT!!”
–> Kuma, as we know him, is dead. He protected the Thousand Sunny during the time-skip but should now be heartless and an enemy of the Mugiwaras. And although this seems random and seemingly meaningless, I argue that the one thing Oda has been consistent about, if anything, is his extreme attention to detail. He wouldn’t make this kind of “mistake,” if I may. Everything has been very carefully planned and I think it seems only proper that for the New World, Luffy start to recruit some extremely powerful nakama.

Kaido and Vegapunk
// Vegapunk is building islands for Kaido
–> The mountains behind Drake here are clearly being built.
–> Vegapunk built the mountains on his birth island.
–> Drake is clearly talking to a robot/cyborg of some sort. The entire island may be being built by Vegapunk/it is being protected by Kaido for his sake!

Updated! ViperXRockwave @ NarutoForums thinks he’s found Kaido
–> Picture 1, from this picture.
–> Picture 2, Kaido for sure.
1pctheory: We have “Blackbeard,” “Whitebeard,” “Red-Haired” Shanks.. it would make sense that Kaido has some other color associated with him. Why not green? Killer find!

Jewelry Bonney – El_Unico_Nacho’s original thread @ reddit
Update: 1/2/2011 – Bonney has her own updated page now!
// Bonney is somehow connected to the World Government/Akainu
–> She “escaped” from the World Government
–> Akainu did something pretty shady to her. But what?
// Bonney is somehow connected to Big Mam
–> This guy to the left of Bonney is wearing a shirt that says “Great Mam”
–> Here’s the manga version of that scene
–> Bonney and Lola have the same hair color.
–> Already tons of speculation that Big Mam and Lola are related/connected

redditor pursutioms: “F*** that, with some Ivanakov magic…Bonney is SABO!!!11”

Luffy’s Mom – MrLaughter’s original thread @ reddit
// “Something to take into consideration: Ivankov can change genders of anyone. Any potential females could have been turned male after Luffy’s birth in order to avoid military execution for their ties to Dragon.”
–> Great idea! It really could be anyone now. It’s weird that Dragon hasn’t been seen with any women though. Either he’s avoiding her on purpose or she’s already dead (which would suck).
Franky’s Dad – brother-red’s original thread @ apforums
// Franky’s Dad is Kaido
–> Franky was left behind, in the way we theorize other powerful pirates have.
–> Combine with the Kaido/Vegapunk connection theory
–> And the last panel on this page. If Kaido has something to do with cyborgs/future-tech, he could fathomably be Franky’s dad! Like father, like son, eh? An obvious stretch, but funny.

Makino’s Baby – SBS Volume 63 @ one piece wiki
// D: The thing that concerns me is the cover of chapter 614. You see how Makino-san is holding a baby? Does that mean that baby is Makino-san’s child?! And does that mean the father is me?! P.N. Dandelion
O: NOT YOU!!! (Shock) …ah… Sorry. Well–. Seems Makino-san became a mother. She looks very happy. The father is maybe that person-. Yeah, probably that person.
–> Cover here: http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/614
I think it’s Shanks’ baby. It would explain why he’s always hangin out at that bar 😛

Anti Shanks
// reddit user M*F*LuBu points out that this baby has light hair and Shanks/Makino don’t.
Pro Shanks (Leaving Kids)
// My buddy Zach wants to remind us that Yassop left Ussop in East Blue and that strategically it makes the most sense to leave your children behind the weakest sea. If you had women and children in the New World they’d get absolutely slaughtered with the quickness. Lending more credibility to this is the fact that Dragon left Luffy in East Blue as well. The New World Superpowers might all do it.


To be updated soon
http://www.mangafox.com/manga/one_piece/v41/c397/12.html | http://www.mangafox.com/manga/one_piece/v41/c397/17.html | http://www.mangareader.net/103-2428-11/one-piece/chapter-321.html | http://www.mangareader.net/103-2428-15/one-piece/chapter-321.html


To be updated soon



8 thoughts on “thoughtroll

  1. father of Makino’s baby is Shanks!?!
    woah. awesome theory right there. geezus, if this turns out to be correct, Makino, what a lucky woman you are… O_o

    Posted by my pace (@ch_amnos) | February 17, 2012, 9:50 pm
  2. Just a really short point: While I don’t think that Enel is on Raijin Island, I do think that Luffy and the crew could still potentially go there. I think when the crew first emerges into the New World, Punk Hazard doesn’t show up on the Log Pose so they might actually be required to still go to one of the islands. I doubt Urogue is still on Raijin Island after 2 years so this decreases the chances of Enel being there even more IMO. Considering the old lady arrived and offered Urogue special umbrellas (I assume they are special for the sake of blocking the lightning rain), it is much more likely that the lightning is natural and not a cause of Enel’s ability. It would still be the perfect location for Enel to reside or something though. Once the crew is done with their Punk Hazard arc, I’m sure they will have to head to one of the 3 new islands but since one of the islands has already been seen by a Supernova, I would think that Oda might want to keep it fresh and send them to a totally new island, so either Risky Red or Mystoria. Smoker totally guessed correctly in regards to which island Luffy would choose. He’s pretty much the perfect marine rival. He’s definitely a future Admiral or even eventual Fleet Admiral. Turned out to not be such a short point after all haha.

    Posted by Sid | February 22, 2012, 3:04 am
  3. I’m a strong believer in the guess that Dragon saved Sabo. When he arrives on his ship at what seems to be Zoro’s hometown, he has a very wounded and it almost seems like Dragon himself had personally saved him and was thus being treated on the ship. They stopped and got provisions from Zoro’s master’s dojo if I’m not mistaken. This all takes place on the same day of the Tenriyuubito visit and this seems to be a single person who has just been brought back by Dragon. It is difficult to distinguish when Dragon’s ship left Goa but it seems to be on the night before the World Nobles arrive. This could mean that his crew went there and since Dragon seemed to be missing for a while and suddenly returned with someone injured, I feel like it was most likely Sabo and considering what Dragon felt about Sabo being an innocent child as the hope of the world as a whole. I have more to say about it but I guess that’s the important stuff. Check out pages 587-589 to just get a quick analysis of what’s happening around there because Dragon’s actions always seem very curious. I also really want Sabo to be alive. He is such a great character.

    Posted by Sid | February 25, 2012, 6:12 pm
    • Sweet man 587-589 of ? Sorry I’m not exactly sure what you’re referring to. And yeah, I think there’s too much mystery surrounding Sabo’s death for him to actually be dead. Good find!! Hope you reply back soon.

      Posted by nanallday | March 7, 2012, 5:27 pm
  4. about Franky’s father being Kaido. Franky mande his body himself, like he did in the timeskip.

    Posted by brouhaha | May 15, 2012, 11:22 am
  5. @ Next mugiwara- my theory is Aokiji. I base this on first the fact that he wouldn’t continue in the navy under Akaino’s leadership, Second on the fact that he allowed Robin to escape twice, third on the fact that Jinbe mentioned something along the lines of “who knows where that man is on the sea now” so they’ll most likely answer that just because he said it, and finally on the fact that OP has a history of making past enemies current friends (robin, buggy, hachi….).

    That color connection you mention made me think of another one – Akaino= aka (red in japanese), Aokiji= Aoi (blue in japanese), and Kizaru= kiroi (yellow in japanese).

    Posted by Mat | January 9, 2013, 9:43 pm
    • Absolutely possible, and I think a lot of people would totally agree with you.

      It’s interesting because we know Jinbe has already been asked, meaning his “power level” (if there is such a thing) is pretty much the power-floor, if you will, for the next Mugiwara. I say that because it doesn’t make any sense to add anyone weaker than Jinbe because as they progress through the New World, their enemies will only get stronger. Aokiji totally fits that bill

      Posted by nanallday | January 10, 2013, 9:00 am

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