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Happy Holidays everyone! I know I haven’t been able to update in a long time (and kind of won’t be able to) due to Shonen Jump’s upcoming breaks, so I wanted to throw up something me and Zach were talking about just last night, while we were trashed at his place.

Author’s Note: Guys, I’m sorry that this page looks so terrible. I’ll reformat it soon, but for now, keep expecting little updates here and there from comments/thoughts I’ve sourced. I’ll re-do the entire thing (as well as the comprehensive theory page) so stay relatively tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

Table of Contents:
Why did Blackbeard try it on Himself?
How are the Blackbeard Pirates stealing abilities?

Blackbeard Pirates
Introduction: This will be more of a discussion on what we’re thinking about as it concerns Blackbeard and his powers and the future of the Blackbeard Pirates. As with all good science and hypothesizing, we look for inconsistencies in a seemingly consistent world. But first we must make one big assumption:
–> That Oda is a good writer. In fact, I think that this fact alone makes theorizing about the direction of One Piece even possible. If we assume that Oda is a good writer and is writing a coherent, logically consistent story, we need to..

Re-visit the time when Teach stole Whitebeard’s powers. Two huge questions comes to mind, the first of which I want to pose to you all:

// Why did he try it on himself, with one of the most powerful Devil Fruits out there?
–> Or in other words, why didn’t he have a fodder crew mate try it first, in case he failed and possibly even died? Remember the Blackbeard Pirates weren’t sure that it would work at all.
–> Why didn’t he try it on a Devil Fruit that was lame, in case he failed and possibly lost it? If he failed, he could have tried again and saved the Gura Gura no Mi for himself when the kinks got worked out.
–> Assuming Oda is a good writer, Blackbeard must have had some sort of rationale here.
<– Apforums user Czechmate argues that, as someone who believes fully in fate and destiny, these two actions would not be in Teach’s “style.” Rather (and he puts this extremely eloquently), “trying this never-attempted anomaly with what is arguably the world’s most powerful Paramecia fruit is exactly the kind of gamble that Blackbeard and his crew would take up.” My response, to summarize, was that Teach values his life too much to make that gamble, evidenced by his wussiness in front of Whitebeard during the war. On this point I will elaborate soon but it is a great argument against!

onequestion: How come Teach pioneered the Devil Fruit stealing himself on the Gura Gura no Mi?
0. (Most Recently Added): There is a cap of 2 abilities per person using this method.
–> Teach went to a risky war-zone to get Whitebeard’s abilities. Granted Whitebeard’s ability was highly coveted, he wouldn’t have had to go to such extremes if he could have more than 2 abilities.
–> Teach now considers himself the ultimate being, which implies he may no longer can/needs to get any more powerful.
<– Commenter OOSCHIZO points out Teach bailed on meeting Akainu because he didn’t think he was ready yet. To it, I would say that maybe Teach just wants to get stronger physically (he has insane abilities but takes TONS of damage) but in no way does that discount what OOSCHIZO is saying. Very well said!
–> We consider this the most plausible, especially when coupled with some peoples’ theories on the future direction of the Blackbeard Pirates (see bolded “Diamond Shiryuu” below).
Ramifications: Teach, therefore, is going to collect 1 or 2 abilities for each of his crew mates.
1. That the first time would only work with Blackbeard.
–> We have no real reason to believe this but the possibility exists.
2. That it only works with Teach period (possibly due to his body composition).
–> This seems more likely because Marco specifically mentions that Teach is extraordinary in that respect.
–> But if this is true, that sucks, because some people have made some awesome theories about Shiryuu stealing Diamond Jozu’s ability, forcing Zoro to have to learn how to cut diamond. This is awesome because it’s something we haven’t even seen Mihawk do, and has been foreshadowed for Zoro previously. I think in the anime, Mr. 1 says something to the effect of: what, are you going to cut through diamond next? but it isn’t in the manga redditor El_Unico_Nacho helped find the foreshadowing during Zoro’s fight with Mr. 1. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
: If this ability only works with Teach period, then is Teach going to become some sort of wacky, 100 fruit ability user? It seems out of place, but would make for an amazing, funny yet impossibly difficult to beat last boss. Apforums user Preston is Pirate says that in the One Piece Databook Green, Blackbeard’s original name was going to be “Everything D. Teach,” giving this explanation a wooden peg leg to stand on ๐Ÿ˜€

The second question, which everyone is asking, is:
// How exactly is Teach stealing Devil Fruit powers?
–> There isn’t enough evidence to really make a really good hypothesis about this yet, so I hope you’ll accept this preliminary one from me:

// Blackbeard gained the ability to steal Devil Fruit abilities from Impel Down, level 6.
–> If Vegapunk created something capable of doing this, there’d be no better place to hide it than Impel Down.
–> Blackbeard wouldn’t have gone all the way down to ID6 just for nakama (even if they are ridiculous nakama).
–> Until this point, having two Devil Fruit abilities seemed impossible. Then again, Blackbeard didn’t “eat” two fruits.
–> None of the reaction shots from the high ranking Marines seemed surprised that this ability exists, lending credence to the theory that it’s something Vegapunk may have developed and hidden away, but shared with the upper echelon of the World Government.
–> It probably has something to do with the cape he covered Whitebeard with, but that’s fairly obvious.
Added: Commenter Jarrod makes a really great point that if Sengoku knew what Blackbeard was doing with the cape, he would have ordered everyone to open fire on the cape and stop Blackbeard at all costs. This is really convincing evidence that Sengoku did not know what was going on under there, and Jarrod speculates that the cape may not be necessary at all and that it was just to hide what Teach was doing. I’ll add more to this later – great!

Otherwise, we really have no limitations in theorizing here. Maybe the final fight Blackbeard Pirates will have at least 2 fruit abilities, with power scaling equal to how many abilities they have. For example, Luffy fights Blackbeard with 10 fruits, while Zoro fights Shiryuu with 8, Sanji vs. a person with 6, and so on. Or more likely, because their bodies aren’t composed uniquely, that everyone will pick up one ability, like Shiryuu getting Jozu’s which I talked about earlier.

There are tons of other theories floating around out there that I’ll add to this page soon. At some point I’m hoping this page will be comprehensive, but just not yet! I just wanted to put something up for all of us thinking about One Piece over the Holidays/New Year ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week everyone!



18 thoughts on “blackbeard pirates

  1. Interesting theories. I feel like at the time when Blackbeard stole Whitebeards DF, it could have been something where Blackbeard had just learned how to do, and was still unsure if it worked on him let alone anybody else, and it just happened that Blackbeard had no time to practice this, because of the golden opportunity and only chance to get Whitebeards DF. So I feel like he had to do it then and take the risk of it working or else lose this DF which is considered one of the most destructive. You said the higher up marines didnt look surprised, but from my perspective Akainu shows no emotion ever, but he looked a little worried and Sengoku looks like he is about to shit all over himself.

    When it comes to if he claimed it in Impel Down level 6, I think he just went down there to get powerful allies, because he knew they would join for the chance to become free, and because his crew was very small at the time (5 members?) and he was planing on heading to the New World right afterwords. So he wanted to beef up his crew.

    Quiet a few people are theorizing that Vegapunk created something to take DF from people. While I do have a small feeling that this could actually be pretty correct. I just find it hard to think of how Blackbeard, a new shichibukai and still a little bit un-trusted by the government, would be able to access that kind of information. Something like that you figure that not even the Admirals and possibly not even the Fleet Admiral would have access too. Did they use hypnosis or some kind of mind control ability to get the information? But if you think of how guarded Vegapunks old factory was (where Franky lived during the 2 year break) you would figure his new lab would be guarded by people the skill of Captain or even Vice-Admirals.

    I have also come across some theories that have said that possibly when you eat a DF some kind of seed or stem or something along those lines lives in your body, and Blackbeard might have experimented this theory on some small pirate crews that had DF users. With this he would eat the seed/stem/etc and gain the power? And the cape I just feel it was to hide the mystery so nobody else to figure it out, you figured if somebody like Sengoku would have known about it, and it was the cape, he wouldnt have stalled even a bit, and told them to open fire on the cape.

    But again still we have little knowledge on this and it is all still a theory ๐Ÿ™‚
    I enjoy your site, keep up the good work!

    Posted by Jarrod | December 24, 2011, 9:07 pm
    • Jarrod you rule – you actually like read my mind. I was totally thinking about the timing of being able to get the Gura Gura no Mi as I was hitting Publish ๐Ÿ˜›

      On the point of him being unsure if it worked, where was he just prior to the War? Impel Down ๐Ÿ˜› So that totally meshes with what you’re saying above – that he had just learned how to do it, was unsure if it worked on anyone, and that the opportunity was there so he had to just try it on Whitebeard right away.

      On the other points, I’m torn: I’m under the impression that Blackbeard, as a person who unlike Luffy is afraid to die, would not be so careless with his life. That being said, if he got the information from Vegapunk himself or someone trusted, he may very well have just wanted to try it on himself because he thought it was very likely to work.

      And that is a really great point about the cape and Sengoku wanting to open fire right away. I’m going to edit this guy to reflect your input later today ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Holidays man and thanks so much for helping out.

      Posted by nanallday | December 24, 2011, 9:19 pm
  2. His devil fruit power can disable other logia for a short period of time.. couldnt he somehow used his df power to take it? he has claimed its the most powerful fruit. maybe for this reason..

    Posted by OMGAced | December 24, 2011, 10:11 pm
    • sorry for the late reply man; a lot of people think this and i kinda do also! i guess, to be perfectly honest, i just don’t want to believe it because it seems.. too easy. hard to explain what i mean, but i hope you get my drift. if not, i can elaborate ๐Ÿ˜›

      Posted by nanallday | February 22, 2012, 5:49 pm
  3. Interesting article, but there is one assumption that seems very unlikely to me:

    “โ€“> Teach now considers himself the ultimate being, which implies he may no longer can/needs to get any more powerful.”


    His exclamation “I’m not ready for him yet!” while fleeing Aka Inu is certainly a proof for his intent to continue growing stronger.

    Posted by ooschizo | December 25, 2011, 8:01 pm
  4. Sweet. A lot of good points about Blackbeard and his crew and I think you’ve covered as many good theories on what’s going on as can be put forward. Firstly, I doubt that he will give all of his crew devil fruit abilities. They will need at least one non-DF user to potentially save them if they were to fall in water. We know that it could happen because they probably got capsized by the knock-up stream when chasing Luffy. Blackbeard definitely had his DF at that point. I wouldn’t doubt the idea that Teach would want his crew to have them as well. Laffite is the only other DF user we are aware of in the crew.
    One reason I think that they WON’T all get DFs, is that I think the way in which Teach took Whitebeard’s DF power was through his own Darkness power which he says can supposedly ‘absorb everything’. I initially considered this because of how clear it was that Whitebeard’s body was completely unchanged after being hidden under the cover. This theory is a difficult one to swallow because this would give the Yami Yami fruit such an enormously distinct and unique advantage that I don’t know if it would be reasonable to assume that a single fruit is just that much better than every other one (although if you think about it, one could argue that Brook’s fruit gives him a certain level of immortality and would thus be classed as almost as unfair). One other reason it might not be true is that if he could absorb more than one ability, it would indeed have been very risky to head for Whitebeard’s ability first instead of perhaps gathering more DFs to fight him. However, that could have also been for the purpose of not revealing the incredible 2 DF anomaly before he was ready to show it to the world. If it is just the case that he can only absorb 1 other power through his DF (which seems highly unlikely), he probably planned to use the war as his opportunity to steal Whitebeard’s overwhelming power as Whitebeard would have potentially been injured and distracted. It also would’ve caused confusion and shock for the rest of the world and would’ve been the best way to announce himself and his crew to the world with the opportunity to shake up the balance of power.
    I also agree with the idea that because Teach called himself the Ultimate being, he is done absorbing abilities for the time being. Any reason he might have had for avoiding Akainu was not so much to do with ability, but the fact that Teach probably isn’t ready to fight him and has a plan to defeat him in a certain way. After all, it’s not like just because Teach is now the ‘Ultimate Being’, Akainu doesn’t have the sheer power and skill to be able to kill Teach. In fact, in a straight up fight, I’d say that Akainu is overall a much more capable fighter and would beat him in a fair fight right now (or at least before the time-skip).
    If it wasn’t through his fruit, then it was almost certainly a new and unused method that could very well have been uniquely related to Blackbeard’s ‘atypical’ body type. I don’t quite know why Marco mentions the ‘atypical’ body type so matter-of-factly and as though it was the obvious reason for the 2 DFs. This either needs to be explained more or it was just a passing statement made by Marco. There must be something very strange going on here because as was mentioned on this site, Teach wasn’t sure it would work but still tried it straight away but still went for it without too much hesitation. If he wanted to test the taking of DFs first, he wouldn’t have used the Gura Gura fruit on the first attempt in case he either lost the fruit forever, or because each fruit can only be ‘stolen’ once. There is even the possibility that Teach never actually took the fruit itself but only the ability associated with it and the Gura Gura no Mi could very well be reborn somewhere else. I say this because that would make it more plausible for him to have 2 powers as they said that having 2 fruits in your body at the same time will kill you so avoiding the actual physical fruit could’ve been the trick to getting both powers. Maybe he wasn’t worried about dying through failure of absorption, because failure would’ve meant no more ambition in his life (he only actually became an antagonist because he finally found the Yami Yami fruit) and it there would not even be a point in living if his plan cannot be carried out.
    Anyway, I’ve got a lot of points out here and I might be confusing and even contradictory but my main point is that I think 2 fruits is the maximum number that can be held. I don’t think anyone other than Blackbeard can have 2 fruits and it is either because of his Logia or something to do with his atypical body (which will definitely be explained more at some point). Please let me know what you guys think about this.

    Posted by Sid | February 20, 2012, 9:26 pm
    • battleship jean bart is like.. always above water. he can save them if they fall in ๐Ÿ˜›
      i do remember him saying that he can do something to all powers – do you remember what page it was exactly that he said “absorb”? i’m not saying he didn’t say it, i just don’t remember is all ๐Ÿ˜€
      and i agree with you 100% – if true, the yami yami no mi is way too unfair. and i think the idea behind brooke’s fruit is that if he dies AGAIN, he’s donezo.
      i also like the idea that teach just wants some time to plan on how he’s going to beat akainu; he’s definitely a more capable fighter.
      man you totally think the same way i do. he _does_ say it a little too matter of factly! they were crewmates so marco might know more about teach than others (including us).
      you’re also spot on with the idea that maybe each fruit can get stolen once. and it’s interesting that he would steal the ability but not the fruit. i just think we don’t know enough about this yet to make a really solid conclusion, which is why this post is so freaking long ๐Ÿ˜›

      overall, i might update this page today because of all the comments you and everyone else has made. i agree with pretty much everything you’ve said! thanks again for the contributions man. we’re gonna figure out this entire series together, np ๐Ÿ˜€

      Posted by nanallday | February 22, 2012, 5:54 pm
  5. I always figured that blackbeard used to darkness fruit power to steal blackbeards ability. After all it “draws in everything” so to speak. “Everything D.Teach could also relate to his ability pulling in everything. This means only teach can get more than one fruit ability, and really any more than 2 abilities will be really cliche so I hope it doesn’t go down that path.

    Posted by TruthTaco | November 2, 2012, 2:59 pm
    • Damn so many screwups in my last post… fixed them below.

      I always figured that blackbeard used his darkness fruit power to steal whitebeards ability. After all it โ€œdraws in everythingโ€ so to speak. โ€œEverything D.Teach could also relate to his ability pulling in everything. This means only teach can get more than one fruit ability, and really any more than 2 abilities will be really cliche so I hope it doesn’t go down that path.

      Posted by TruthTaco | November 2, 2012, 3:01 pm
      • I think what you said is a definitely possibility, and probably the general consensus so far. But what Oda has never done is given one particular person “magic,” and I use “magic” in the sense that there is some set of rules he has set forth in the One Piece World. Everything is and can be rationalized, and having one fruit essentially give Blackbeard a “magical” power doesn’t seem Oda-esque to me.

        Posted by nanallday | November 29, 2012, 10:32 am
  6. I thought Teach got that DF just because after studying it he knew its powers and knew that it could take other DF powers, that’s why he killed his crewmate on Whitebeards ship for it…

    Posted by Sean Patterson | December 9, 2012, 8:46 pm
    • Hmm – my understanding is that Blackbeard knew what the Devil Fruit looked like, and I think he knew it was capable of nullifying other DF powers. Stealing is something else entirely though; I think the community generally agrees on that point.

      I’ll find the pages that speak more directly to what you’re saying soon – I have finals tomorrow so I’ve gotta focus (even though I’m clearly not by responding to you right now) ๐Ÿ™‚

      Posted by nanallday | December 9, 2012, 8:59 pm
  7. I thought it was already made clear from a bunch of chapters back. The essence of a Devil Fruit carries over from the dead body to the nearest corresponding fruit. This is what happened when Ceasar Clown’s Gas kept dying. So Blackbeard got his hands on a fruit (possibly from his Yami Yami no Mi) and Whitebeard’s DF Power went over to that fruit. How he found this out is something that few people know. However, the knowledge of it is out there since Ceasar Clown, and maybe even Vegapunk, knew all about it.

    Posted by Alex Garcia | January 29, 2013, 6:26 pm
    • I think you could be absolutely right; I haven’t updated this page in a while and when I do I’ll definitely add that!

      But still: it’s not definitive yet, I don’t think. It doesn’t quite explain how Blackbeard is capable of having two, and we can’t say for sure Blackbeard was holding a watermelon or something when he killed Whitebeard off.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Posted by nanallday | January 29, 2013, 7:24 pm
  8. I believe the cape is necessary as he originally has the power of the yami yami no mi. As such put him and his victim in the darkness and there is nothing that he can’t do as the darkness is his realm.

    Posted by Seth | March 22, 2013, 8:19 pm
  9. It is my theory that Blackbeard is only able to steal devil fruit powers thanks to the Yami Yami no mi. In fact it is the only way to. This is why blackbeard wanted it so much, even going as far to kill thatch for it. As we saw when Ceasar’s gas died a nearby fruit became a devil fruit. This is because when a devil fruit user dies the “devil” escapes and then inhabits a nearby fruit. However this is how Blackbeard is able to steal devil fruit powers because he is able to pull the “devil” into himself before it inhabits a fruit using the Yami Yami no mi. He even says the Yami Yami no mi has “The power to pull everything in…” He also needed the cape because he cannot use the full power of his fruit in the light as it is weak to light, just like how Ace’s powers were beat by Sakazuki’s.

    Posted by Mercury | May 24, 2013, 9:51 pm
  10. I don’t know where i read this (maybe sbs) but i thought that BB had a book about the devil fruits and that’s why he knew how the darkness fruit looked like and also which kind of fruit the Gura Gura is. So he might have taken one with him to marineford. I do not think he absorbed WB power, because his power should already be reborn in another fruit after he died. so no extracting from a dead body.

    I also don’t think his darkness ability makes a second fruit possible because that would kinda change the rules about devil fruit abilities, i don’t think an ability can make a second ability possible from a different fruit. That is just wrong lol

    i’m going for the strange body structure. maybe even a cerberus fruit that made his body eventually strange which i doubt but he has 3 of everything… skulls, pistols, scar stripes (from his claw weapon), not he, they.

    I read online someone saying that we saw BB eating his first DF (Yami Yami)? i don’t remember this, anyone can confirm?

    And if i remember correct BB was going to search for (more) another Devil Fruit(s) (user(s)). So he might still be able to get a third one. Or its for his crew. I hope not though (or only for his crew), that would be overpowered and pretty bad overall, that also why i think not everyone will be able to get more than one fruit.

    i have no sources to back up what i just said, just saying this time. can’t find much.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 14, 2013, 4:53 pm

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