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Disclaimer: Everything on this page has a lot to do with the absolute latest revelations so please do not read this unless you are caught up entirely with the manga as of Chapter 649. Thank you!

This will be a long read but hopefully an enjoyable and interesting one. For those of you who are faint of heart, if you want a TTTTLLLL;DR version, scroll down to the very bottom. Otherwise, lets begin with…

Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Luffy. If we want to understand this theory, we have to start with the two Pirate Kings. They have a lot in common to be sure, but I think the single most important revelation about them is that aside from Shirahoshi, they alone have the ability to communicate with Sea Kings, the true power behind Poseidon.
Unanswered Questions: Why only Luffy and Roger?

Whitebeard. Roger told Whitebeard the meaning of the D. Since then, it seems like Whitebeard has been actively protecting the D.’s: he was literally grooming Ace to be the next Pirate King and even went so far as to order Marco to ensure Luffy lived through the war. Moreover Whitebeard reveals that Roger has been waiting for someone, an implied carrier of the Will of D., to find One Piece, sack up and “challenge this world.” More interestingly, Whitebeard alludes to this sort of task as something Teach no longer is qualified to do.

But why not Whitebeard? Ace was about to get executed – would Whitebeard really not do everything in his power to save Roger’s son? I don’t think we have any reason to believe Whitebeard couldn’t get One Piece if he so chose. One explanation then is that perhaps he very literally could not get/do anything with One Piece because there is some sort of restriction on it. Further collaborating this notion is the fact that Whitebeard says One Piece has nothing to do with him, although he could have just been talking about him wanting nothing to do with treasure at all.
Unanswered Questions: Could Whitebeard simply not obtain/use One Piece at all under any circumstance?

Will of D. We’re definitely reaching now, but isn’t that the fun of it? 🙂 It may just be the case then, that in order to reach/do anything with/about One Piece, you must carry the Will of D. That maybe those people who find One Piece who also carry the will can do something that nobody else can do. If we assume that Luffy will find One Piece and do whatever it is that Roger was unable/unwilling to, we have to examine the differences between them.

Because Whatever One Piece Can Do, Roger Didn’t Do It. Roger carried the Will of D., could hear Sea Kings, found One Piece, learned the history of the Void Century, and didn’t start a war. He reached a specific conclusion that future One Piece finders may not necessarily reach, which raises a million questions on its own.
Unanswered Questions: Was it because he couldn’t? He was, after all, very sick. Was it that after deliberation, he just chose not to? Or could he not do anything because the timing was wrong?

A True Future. Does anyone out there not think Joy Boy was a D.? My apologies for the quick digression: Joy Boy was able to prophesize hundreds of years in to the future that someone would eventually fulfill his promise to the inhabitants of Fishman Island. Legend foretold that someone would guide Shirahoshi in some manner, and the Sea Kings were told by somebody that they would pull the Noah to fulfill some sort of purpose/destiny. One of the biggest inconsistencies I’ve found in the manga that needs explaining is why was Ohara allowed to exist for the last 800 years? If the history of the Void Century is so damning to the World Government, why would they not just destroy it right away? I argue that it’s because the World Government somehow knew the “promised time” was coming, and that Ohara became a threat to them only recently. We keep seeing all of these events unfold very coincidentally around Luffy and around his adventure right now.

If this is indeed the case, Roger’s actions gain some rationale: maybe his timing was wrong. One Piece may very well allow its owner to incite a war with the World Government, but maybe Roger knew it was a fight that they couldn’t win or a fight they didn’t want to start. One Piece, therefore, is only usable in a very specific context. If we assume then that when Roger found it the timing was wrong/context was incorrect, we have to ask ourselves what is that context? Or in other words, what has dramatically changed between when Roger found One Piece and now?

Shirahoshi’s Powers Have Awakened. Or better yet, Poseidon has been reborn. Now that an Ancient Weapon has been awakened, that the timing for some major event is now possible or viable. Maybe now, One Piece is useable. Maybe with the power of Poseidon on your side, you can start that war and win. No matter what the case, Poseidon certainly poses a huge threat to the World Government, and Shirahoshi will be undoubtedly hunted by them very, very soon.

Here’s Where Things Get Tricky. We don’t know what One Piece is and it’s definitely fun to speculate. Given everything that we’ve discussed so far, it seems to me that One Piece might just be another Ancient Weapon or the history of the Void Century. Whatever it is, it seems to have to be tangible and a threat.

The Will of D. then, in this context, might just be the only thing that stands between the Ancient Weapons from destroying the world. If Shirahoshi goes crazy or gets captured/taken hostage and used, by being able to communicate with Sea Kings, Luffy will be in a unique position to stop them from destroying everything. Likewise if the Will of D. is required to find/use One Piece and One Piece is in fact a third (or even fourth) Ancient Weapon, Luffy might be the only person capable of preventing its abuse. These weapons have been built up to be insanely powerful and have withstood the test of time, by virtue of them still being a threat today. The carriers of the Will of D. may be the only people that can stop the world from being destroyed by the Ancient Weapons!

Alternatively, one of Luffy’s well documented strengths is something Mihawk very famously talks about: his ability to inspire people and gain allies wherever he goes. If One Piece is in fact the history of the Void Century, the next logical step would be to take down the impossibly powerful Gorosei. Here’s where this theory gets interesting: there are five of them and Luffy certainly won’t be taking them all down him self. But with the help of the Ancient Weapons, maybe he can get enough support to take them all down. By befriending Shirahoshi, he could have the help of the Sea Kings to take one of them, Shanks to take another, Marco and what’s left of Whitebeard’s crew to take another, Garp and his own crew to take down one more, and Luffy himself would take down the big daddy. No matter how the series ends, it seems to me like the Gorosei are going to be heavily involved as either the last bosses, if you will, or something very close to it! Added 12/11/2011: About that last Gorosei battle, we actually think that the Elbaf Giants will come to Luffy’s aid. Really one of the only reasons I think this is because Oda didn’t forget about them when writing Chapter 0: Strong World, which probably means we shouldn’t forget about them either 🙂

Now obviously this is all still a theory but my hope is that seeing my line of thinking inspires you all to come up with something better/more possible! Because I just re-read everything I posted and it seems anti-climactic 😛 There’s a little bit more to be added and most certainly some more editing but I wanted to get this up because I promised you guys I would! I’ll update the front page/twitter with any dramatic updates to this page – hopefully something with a thrilling conclusion 🙂 Thanks for reading guys. Hope it wasn’t too long or too uneventful for you. What do you all think?

Update (12/11/2011): This is for myself. As I’m reading, I just want to keep track of all the panels where the Will of D. is mentioned, among other things.




  1. Roger found One Piece but didn’t use it to incite a war because the timing was off.
  2. The timing is now right because Shirahoshi/Poseidon has awakened.
  3. One Piece requires the Will of D to use.
  4. The carriers of the Will of D are those who protect the world from the Ancient Weapons.
  5. The Gorosei will be taken down by a massive, Luffy led army.


8 thoughts on “comprehensive (ext)

  1. Nice ideas but there are other important figures like Teach, the admirals, Kong, Doflamingo, Mihawk, Kaido, Big Mam, etc. They ought to have roles in the end also we have no idea how strong the Gorosei is.

    Posted by Blackendedsoul | December 11, 2011, 7:04 am
    • Yeah man absolutely. The only reason why I haven’t written very much about them is because either I just haven’t really given them much thought (lol) or I feel like we don’t have enough evidence to make even a slight theory/prediction off of what we know. You’re 100% right though; there are so many major players that should/will influence the One Piece story – I’ll keep updating this, hopefully with something shorter/more readable, which includes all of them as the chapters roll forward 😀

      Posted by nanallday | December 12, 2011, 4:23 pm
  2. You had me at “The carriers of the Will of D are those who protect the world from the Ancient Weapons.”

    Posted by Nawb | December 11, 2011, 9:40 pm
    • I’m glad! But in no way does this explain everything or does it necessarily even work. The fact is after the next chapter everything might have to change 😛 I’ll keep updating this though, hopefully in the future in a more concise, logical manner 🙂

      Posted by nanallday | December 12, 2011, 4:25 pm
  3. I almost get the impression that the Gorosei really aren’t all that bad. Of course, they are the leaders of the WG and are in power despite the awfully Imperialistic nature of the Tenryuubito and they know all about slaves and the Fishmen oppression and crazy stuff that the Marines and WG do that isn’t always as ‘good’ as it seems. I see it this way because I have seen Aokiji, Sengoku, Garp and even Smoker act as rational and logical leaders (Smoker a little less so because he REALLY wants to catch Luffy). They are in positions of power and seem to do things in a way that would not be so bad for our protagonists. We’ve seen them speak of Marco almost like an ally because they logically know he is a lesser evil and even an ally against Blackbeard. Both Sengoku and Garp stepped down from their post and I feel they do not support the WG as much as they used to. Even Aokiji left under intriguing circumstances, opening them all up for a possible future as allies of the SH crew. There is no real evidence for any of this but there is something about their natures that makes it seem like that. I say this because everyone who the SH crew has beaten up for real has always had the nature of someone who completely deserves to be beaten up and did so from their first introduction. These guys (Garp, Aokiji and Sengoku) give me the feeling that they would first have to do something really, really bad before Luffy and co. feel the need to kick their asses.
    This doesn’t mean I don’t think that the Gorosei are working against Luffy and other pirates at the moment, just that they might not be the main people who need to be toppled. When Doflamingo mentions someone higher than Sengoku who is giving him orders, it really gives a strong implication of secret workings going on behind the WG that people (Sengoku and possibly even the Gorosei included) are not at all aware of. The thing that solidified this thought in my head was seeing the shadowy figure that Doflamingo was talking to about Moria’s sudden disappearance after the war. This figure is very strange and probably very secret and high up in the WG and for some reason, I, like many other fans, believe that this secret person could be Sabo himself. Unlikely but just crazy enough for Oda (but probably not nearly crazy enough).
    If my posts ever seem really condensed and messy, then please ask feel free to ask me for clarification or even for more discussion. I want to get as many ideas about the future as possible. There is still so much to see in One Piece so all of you stay loyal and be thorough with your reading but most importantly, make sure to enjoy this thrilling journey 🙂

    Posted by Sid | February 21, 2012, 1:36 am
  4. One thing that might go along with the theory of the “Will of D” and the thought of it being the key or it being necesary to One Piece, could be some of the comments that Trafalgar Law has made. For example, when he was asked by his crewmembers why will they wait instead of going to the new world right away, he said that he is waiting for the right time and that “hell be sure..to steal the proper throne” (ch. 595). Another important thing is that he has shown knowledge of the “Will of D”, when he saw that Rayleigh was going for Luffy. He mentions something about a storm made by “D” (if i remember correctly), and althought this doesnt show how much can he possibly know about the will of D, I think that his comments are to be taken seriously, specifically the one about stealing the throne.

    Posted by Bump | March 27, 2012, 5:23 pm
  5. OK h. … here we go i shall lay out what i think and then proof. I believe that in the blank century their were a group of rulers. Let’s say good rulers with democratic format. In any society their are always those against government. At that time it was the “pirates” who traveled the sea seeking adventure. Through out their entire journey one group began to take over power due to developing certain weapons.(one “crew Also, powerful allies i believe that they overthrew the current leaders of the world. The tenryuubito are the descendants of these “pirates” ( http://eatmanga.com/Manga-Scan/One-Piece/One-Piece-503/page-6 ) in that chapter it states “do you have any idea what will happen if you rise against us … the descendants of the creators of this world” … at the time the peaceful rulers allowed the pirates to run free and if bad things happened they used law enforcement and proper criminal trials. Well the “pirates” became to strong and overthrew the government at that time. Using the great weapons we have all heard of by now (i refuse to source this) the leaders that now had no authority were powerful themselves had ability to control animals like sea kings and giant creatures. thus the weapon posioden was created to combat the rulers. After the government fell the rulers barley made it out alive their descendants are those with the letter d in the middle of their name. those who are destined to restore order over the power hungry “pirates”. Which is why the current WG is such an avid anti-Pirate establishment due to the power that they know can be obtained from traveling the grand line.So the “will-of-D” holders are more then to defend against the power of the ancient weapons they were beaten by it and now are going to get a chance to take their rightful place as rulers. As of yet the world has not been at the right moment to have a full on war with the WG dragoon says this during the flashback arc and it is insinuated at many different point i.e. relighs conversation at shabody archipelago with the strawhats about why roger turned himself in. A major hint to me is rogers last words to reliagh ” i wont die partner” he cant die the will-of-d is still carried on he lives through that. The Pirate King opened the doors to ready the world for a true revolution. The government has since then been massing a force that the citizens do not approve of. Those on the grand line seek protection from pirates so they are safe.

    Posted by erikwheeeeeeeeee | June 20, 2012, 10:28 pm

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