most amazing scenes

I wanted to make this section because I think with One Piece, the little things are just so impressive. I’m not discounting the big events, as you’ll definitely see, but the nuances can be breath taking. I will definitely slowly add to this page, because there are too many great scenes. These are in no particular order (although I’ll probably do something like put up a poll asking you guys to rank them soon). If you don’t see one of your favorites on this list, you know what to do!

Ben Beckman is Unreasonably Strong
It was a longer scene and therefore more convincing scene in the anime than the manga, but when Shanks’ crew showed up at Marineford, Ben Beckman pointed his gun at Kizaru and Kizaru immediately proceeded to stop what he was doing and put his hands up. We’re talking about the man who can move at the speed of light, putting his hands up. This implies that Beckman is able to do some serious damage to someone as strong as Kizaru, a logia, from that far away. It’s ridiculous! But we all know Shanks is even crazier, which almost doesn’t make any sense.

Zoro is Unreasonably Resilient
You definitely know about this one, but it never stops being impressive. Zoro taking all of Luffy’s pain by way of Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu ability was absolutely epic, and anyone that knows me knows that I don’t use that word, ever. Just a fraction of it caused Zoro to experience what seemed like impossible agony, and then he takes the rest (~100 times as much) all at once. Kuma says it best right after. “To find such loyal companions… Your son is indeed amazing, Dragon.”

Whitebeard Re-Ignites the Flame
Moments before his death, Whitebeard says something that pisses Sengoku off to no end.
“One Piece… It Exists!” Just as Roger did before him, Whitebeard gives pirates everywhere the hope they need to keep chasing the dream. That panel gave me the chills. But most importantly, Sengoku’s reaction is absolutely priceless.


I know there isn’t a ton on this page yet…

But I decided I’m going to do a re-read of the entire series. While doing so, I’m going to start a list of panels that I find really characterize One Piece well.

Chapter 1 – Shanks: “I said, don’t use this to scare people.
Chapter 1 – Luffy: “…Your Arm!
Chapter 1 – Shanks: “This hat is my gift to you.
Chapter 1 – Luffy: “I hope I can find at least 10 people!

Goosebumps – “In 2 Years!”
Chapter 556 – Dolfamingo: “Whoever wins this war becomes justice!”
Chapter 601 – Luffy: “I’m gonna do it!



5 thoughts on “most amazing scenes

  1. I think Zoro is a demon and is the perfect companion, first-mate, sidekick and counterpart to Luffy in every way. He’s serious and reliable and loyal and will make sure that Luffy will never fail and he has the power to back it up in some sort of crazy animal or demon spirit thing. The best badass on the team. Sanji almost matches him in badassery and I think he deserves just a little bit more recognition and respect. The way it’s going, I think that Sanji will have some absolutely crazy fire powers associated with his legs and his sky walk only serves to imply that he has a few more excellent enhancements up his sleeve to do with his legs. Sanji will show his stuff very soon and whenever his power/attack cuisine begins to be used properly, we’ll definitely see a huge boost in both his and everybody else’s abilities.

    Posted by Sid | February 18, 2012, 4:23 am
    • i totally agree that he’s an awesome swordsman but i don’t know if i buy the demon thing. he’s carrying kuina’s sword and spirit, something pretty un-demon like. otherwise, he’s a remarkable swordsman but nobody has really shown what they can do yet. everybody will get a chance – i’m under the impression that everyone will have their own arc of sorts to really show off. i don’t see how else oda could work in everyone and give the crew the time they deserve without making the non-monster trio look like support characters

      Posted by nanallday | February 18, 2012, 6:22 pm
    • I’ve notice something as well. They all have powers of the elements.
      Sanji is Fire
      Zoro is wind
      Usopp is Earth
      Brook is Water/Ice
      Franky is Metal
      Nami is Lightning (she has others but Lightning is seriously her main thing)
      Luffy is Iron
      Can’t think of any for Chopper and Robin. But you can’t deny the theme.

      Posted by KJOj | March 3, 2013, 2:27 am
  2. kuma’s statement only ignites my regretful theory that zoro will die in the end for his captain

    Posted by technotics | February 19, 2012, 6:01 pm

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