On this page, I’ll roll out baseless but otherwise cool predictions that I’m willing to put my name behind πŸ˜›
Remember, these “theories” are more fanfiction than not, and is just another way I can contribute to the One Piece community.
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Table of Contents:
Exploration: Zoro’s Three Final Swords
Franky + Den + Noah = Pluton

// Exploration: Zoro’s Three Final Swords
Prediction Date: Long Time Ago
–> A lot of people have probably already predicted things along these lines, but oh well. My site. Deal with it πŸ˜›
–> The Wado Ichimonji will most likely stay with Zoro until the end. That way, when he becomes the world’s greatest swordsman, he will have both honored Kuina’s memory and elevated the Wado Ichimonji to the level of Saijo O Wazamono. It could become 13th Saijo grade sword, or maybe Zoro will destroy one and have the Wado Ichimonji replace it as number 12.
–> I also believe that Zoro will keep Shusui, in honor of Ryuma’s soul of a warrior/spirit of a swordsman. Update (09/28/2013): Ok.. Not anymore. He’ll probably return it to the Samurai’s once the Mugiwara visit Wano
–> As for his last sword, it’s likely that he’ll eventually upgrade his Sandai Kitetsu to the Nidai Kitetsu. As far as the Shodai Kitetsu, it may very well have already been shown. The current owner is the bald swordfighting Gorosei. There was a great post with analysis of the grips that I will find as soon as I can.
–> Otherwise, I think it would be way more impressive if Kitetsu himself made Zoro a sword – the Zero-dai Kitetsu (however that would be translated), that he made for himself/his final blade.
–> I don’t think he’ll take Mihawk’s sword, even when he ends up defeating him. Yoru is too big for Zoro to use in his Santoryu style – as is the Shodai Kitetsu, if that is in fact the Gorosei’s sword. Likewise, Rayleigh’s sword could be too big and Shiliew’s as well.

//Franky Will Turn Noah in to Pluton with Den’s Help – Inspired by commenter Steve @ onepeacetheory.com
Prediction Date: 1/30/2012
–> The Sea Kings are waiting for someone to “fix” Noah
–> Franky might be the only person alive who knows what Pluton’s “blueprints” are
–> We haven’t seen anything from Den, Tom’s brother, yet. Den, as a Fishman Shipwright, is entirely qualified and most likely capable of helping Franky achieve this. Further collaborating this notion is the fact that the Straw Hats will almost certainly return to Fishman Island, and this provides even more plot, context and reason.
–> But most importantly, if true, this provides Franky an ending worthy of Oda’s great writing. The Thousand Sunny is kick ass, but if this happens, he’ll be the man who resurrected the Ancient Weapon/Ship that the Pirate King took the World Government down on. Truly a “Ship of Dreams!” He’ll go down in Pirate History (as the rest of Luffy’s crew will/should) as the greatest Shipwright ever to live.
–> We also have reason to believe (not many reasons, mind you) that Franky’s dad is the Yokou Kaido! Check out #MugiParents on the thoughtroll for our rationale!



9 thoughts on “predictionroll

  1. Maybe Zoro’s third blade is a flaming sword. I remember Zoro told that he wants a flaming sword. πŸ™‚

    Posted by dragonsword | February 13, 2012, 8:35 am
  2. Here’s a bold one with quite a bit of evidence supporting it (if I’m not mistaken). It has seemed that every time there has been a cover story that lasted a number of cover chapters. The main character/s involved in that story has ended up returning to the story in quite a big and important way. Examples include Buggy and Alvida, Hacchan, Bon Clay and Barroque’s work in general (Mr. 5 and his partner and Ms. Goldenweek are yet to be seen again), Coby and even Jango and Fullbody (only a little). They have for the most part returned to the interior pages in the order that they first appeared in the story (I think Coby is the only exception as he is shown after Buggy is seen in the chapters). If I’m right about this then we should eventually see Gedatsu, Wapol, Enel and CP9 again which would be so incredibly awesome (mostly the latter 2). I could be way off with this as we’ve already mixed up the order with Wapol and Gedatsu yet to appear. I wouldn’t be so upset about those 2 not showing up though. Enel and CP9 have so much more potential though, so I would love to see them in the story more, potentially even as allies (as has seemed to be the case with all returning characters).

    Posted by Sid | February 21, 2012, 2:20 am
    • ok here we go. this is gonna be the first one i reply to due to the length, but i promise i will eventually get around to reading and replyin gto all your comments – give me a day or so πŸ˜›

      you’re totally right about the cover story thing and i actually need to re-read them all but i have this huge theory in my mind about enel and the spaceys that i’ll type out soon. i just haven’t had a chance to organize all my thoughts about it.

      as far as cp9, i agree that they could come back as allies, because they’ve been shown since enies lobby to be so lighthearted and nice. i don’t see how they could seamlessly get back into the story but you’re 100% right – totally possible!

      Posted by nanallday | February 22, 2012, 1:19 am
  3. Im sure you’ve heard the conversation about, how every mugiwara has some sort of mark on the left side of his face. But what about shanks. Here is my theory Shanks is luffys older half brother. Point one assuming Dragon and Gold Rogers went too far apart in age. Judging by luffy. And aces age shanks age fit. Point two what business does a west blue pirate(shanks) have in east blue. ( when he first meets fluffy) Isn’t the pattern master your particular blue then go to the grand line? Point three is the families facial.commonality. Point four is the most shaky they all have the highest level of haki. This is all a fun observation and I’m interested to hear what everyone has to think.

    Posted by Seth | March 22, 2013, 7:55 pm
    • hmm yeah point by point..

      maybe im not understanding correctly but even if shanks and gold roger’s ages were the same, how does that relate to shanks and luffy/ace and luffy/im a bit lost

      so you’re right, a lot of pirates do master their own blues and enter the grand line but buggy didnt, and neither did a lot of pirates that couldnt cut it so they just keep terrorizing the smaller seas

      facial commonality is there, but that would also make like boa related to nami related to violet πŸ™‚

      the haki argument is maybe the best of the four, but lots of ppl have conquerors/kings haki at this point (your comment was from like half a year ago so you didnt know it back then) – i dont think theres enough there to say all that

      have shanks and dragon ever met? strangely, if not, somehow that strengthens your argument for me :p (since luffy hasnt ever really met him)

      Posted by nanallday | November 9, 2013, 10:03 am
  4. No offense but thinking Shanks is Luffy’s relative or something is crazy. Well. Yes they have similiraty physical wise however Ithink it just symbolizes a certain era. If you look at it all of Mugiwaras fave color is red. ROGER. SHANKS AND LUFFY. but I dont think they are blood related. They just have what it takes to start. To continue and end an era. I think the main reason for Shanks to go to east blue is to visit his old captain’s island and the rest of the island’s in east blue. It doesnt mean that if your a grand line pirate you cant go back to the blue seas. I mean. Helloooo. Roger even met Rouge at North Blue. It ws even mentioned when Shanks met Whitebeard that the sake he gave WB was from his Homeland west blue.. Besides Benn Beckman is actually from East Blue as well as Yassop. Correct mw.if im wrong but I think Shanks actually fetch Yassop at his home village and decided to stay in east blue for a while. Maybe Shanks felt that the Grand Line was a bit off thats why he decided to go tothe weakest of all seas to relax. Maybe the reason he stayed too long than necessary was because he enjoyed the presence of Luffy AND the pretty bar maiden. Hihihi

    Posted by Ches | November 8, 2013, 9:20 pm
    • wair wuuut did i say luffy and shanks were related somewhere? if i did yeah i agree thats farfetched πŸ˜› even if i didnt, offense never taken!

      oh i see seth up there did. man i dont read the comments enough. im bad at this

      Posted by nanallday | November 9, 2013, 9:55 am

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