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Great Will of D. Summary @ One Piece Wiki

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Last Updated: 12/13/2011, As of Chapter 649

Table of Contents:
Freedom Fighters
As It Relates to One Piece
Protectors of the World

onetheory: Those who carry the Will of D. will fight for a free world, and not the one the World Government controls/has fabricated today.
// The Will of D. began in the Void Century (~800 Years Ago)
–> Whitebeard claims that Roger’s (and now Ace’s) will has been passed down for generations.
// The Void Century was a time of persecution.
–> The World Government is hiding everything about it and went so far as to exterminate the scholars of Ohara for studying it.
// The carriers of the Will of D. fight for a free world.
–> The carriers of the Will of D. will fight in the “Grand Battle” that will “Engulf the Entire World”
–> The carriers of that will bring about a new age.
–> Whitebeard says Blackbeard is no longer the man Roger was waiting for, which makes sense in this context because Teach claims this era is now “his,” and therefore not a free one/nobody’s/everybody’s.

twotheory: The Will of D. is required to find/make use of One Piece
// One Piece is/includes an Ancient Weapon/Void Century History.
–> One Piece is something that threatens the World Government greatly. To this point, we don’t know what else would be such a threat to them.
–> Shiki claims Roger knows the location of a weapon that can destroy the world.
// Whitebeard is strong enough to find One Piece, if he so chose to.
–> He’s the only man that could match up with Roger during his day, and was a Yonkou.
// By revealing/using One Piece, Ace could have been saved.
–> After One Piece is found, a “Grand Battle” that will “Engulf the World” will begin and “Turn the World Upside Down
–> If One Piece is an Ancient Weapon, it could have been used to save Ace.
–> At the very least, the World Government would have lost a ton of its credibility.
// Whitebeard didn’t find One Piece because he couldn’t.
–> He was grooming Ace to be the next Pirate King and would have done everything he could have to save him.
–> Whitebeard didn’t find One Piece to save Ace.
// The Will of D. is required to find/make use of One Piece.
–> Whitebeard is not a carrier of the Will of D.
–> Whitebeard says One Piece has nothing to do with him (another translation: “Not that I care..“)
Alternatively, Whitebeard may not have because he doesn’t know how to get to Raftel, which definitely matters if One Piece is on Raftel.
Alternatively, Whitebeard may not have because he didn’t have enough time to find One Piece between Ace’s capture and execution.
Extended version here!

threetheory: Those who carry the Will of D. protect the world from the Ancient Weapons.
// Working on a shortened version!
Extended version here!

I’ll elaborate further, add alternative theories, and just keep updating this page. For right now, though, I’m just trying to get a little content on every page. 🙂

Pages/sections of interest:
Robin and Rayleigh Speak: http://www.mangareader.net/103-2614-4/one-piece/chapter-507.html
Robin speaks with Gan Fall: http://www.mangareader.net/103-2408-16/one-piece/chapter-301.html



5 thoughts on “the will of d

  1. The only bold prediction I can claim to make is that those with the Will of the D are descendants of Kings or Heroes of the Ancient Kingdom and are the ones destined to overthrow the World Government and the Tenryuubito and probably some very secret higher ups too. Important shit.

    Posted by Sid | February 18, 2012, 4:36 am
    • @sid ‘secret higher ups’ would be the Gorosei, they were covering up some deaths and losses (Marineford) and Void Century entirely. Ordered to execute Robin, who is a surviver of Ohara (Ancient kingdom), the only one who can decipher those strange logs containing information about the will of D.

      And the people above the Gorosei who get away with EVERYTHING because they fund the Marines, Cypherpol, Government etc are the Nobles. But i think that they are just ‘used’ for the Gorosei’s own gain

      Posted by Jules | August 22, 2012, 6:23 am
  2. One Bold fact about D. They are all connect to Luffy and have influenced his growth. Think about it. Every person with the D. in their name some how and some way are connected to Luffy. Though not all of them are connected to each other but Luffy is somehow the link between all of them. Luffy has either met or his nakama have met all D members.(especially if you count his grandfather as Nakama)

    Posted by KJOj | March 7, 2013, 2:06 am
  3. http://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/1gdra2/the_will_of_d_and_the_symbolism_of_the_straw_hat/

    My theory about will of D lines up with yours- maybe you’ll find something useful in the post or comments

    Posted by Roby | June 19, 2013, 11:19 pm
    • i love your connection between straw hats, farmers and common folk. i checked back to the post you linked to, and weirdowithabeardo says:

      the hat can be viewed as a symbol for a crown. However, it is no ordinary crown, but instead that of a pauper. It is made of straw to signify simplicity and humility, yet at the same time it is golden, signifying radiance and affluence. Finally, the red ribbon around it signifies royalty, position of authority and that of a Captain

      freaaking nice!! thanks for the comment man

      Posted by nanallday | June 22, 2013, 9:43 am

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