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ch730+ now on onepeacetheory.com!

just introduced a new layout for chapter 730+ please update your bookmarks if you were kind enough to bookmark my site! onepeacetheory.com see you over there 🙂 Advertisements

working on a new layout

yeahup. check it out if you’re interested: http://onepeacetheory.nerolago.com/ i’d appreciate some feedback – good bad or indifferent. if i get a lot of “uhhh what why” i won’t change it. let me know muchos gracios for everyone else – check out the dressrosa (currently updating) page, which you can find right.. over… ………………………here!

One Piece Chapter 668: Pirate Alliance

One Piece chapter 668: Pirate Alliance is now out at mangapanda for you to read here! The Punk Hazard page has been updated as of 9:39 AM, PST and is available right here for you to see. Have a great week!

One Piece Chapter 667: Cool Fight

One Piece chapter 667: Cool Fight is now out at mangainn for you to read here! The Punk Hazard page has been updated as of 2:30 PM, PST and is available right here for you to see. Will update again.. maybe 😛 Have a great week!

Chapter 665: Candy Released!

Saturday Surprise: One Piece Chapter 665: Candy has been released at mangapanda, mangainn, mangaweasel, etc. so on forever! I just updated the punk hazard (current) page as of 9:00 AM PST, so give it a read once you’re done with the chapter! Chapter 666: BUM BUM BUM won’t be released until around May 8th/9th so … Continue reading

Chapter 664: Master Ceasar Clown Released!

Happy Wednesday everybody! One Piece chapter 664: Master Ceasar Clown has been released on mangapanda here. Are they not obviously mangareader just ported to a different server? 😛 I’ve updated the Punk Hazard (current) page as of 10:00 AM PST for you all to read, and I think the update is great! There will be … Continue reading

One Piece is Back!

After a long break (2 weeks = 2 long), One Piece, Chapter 663 is out for you to read @mangainn here! I don’t know why, but mangareader has been no bueno recently. I can’t even get the images to show up. No matter, there are a slew of other hosts out there, including the ominous … Continue reading

662 Released, No Chapter Next Week?

One Piece Chapter 662: [MAJOR SPOILER IN TITLE] has been released at Mangareader [link] and Mangainn [link], as well as a boat-load (get it?) of other manga-hosts. The Punk Hazard (current) page has been updated with some good stuff! Give it a read after you’ve finished reading the chapter. Otherwise, here’s a great theory from … Continue reading

Late but Great Update for 661!

One Piece chapter 661: The Lake of Bandits is out at Mangareader here! Sorry for the day late update everyone; to make it up to you, I updated the Punk Hazard (current) page with a lot of new information and created another page: awesome media. I don’t know for sure how often I’ll update it, … Continue reading

Chapter 660, Punk Hazard Heats Up!

One Piece 660: [MAJOR SPOILER TITLE] is out on mangareader! A great set-up chapter, and the Punk Hazard update reflects that – not the longest update, but a couple of really interesting questions have been raised! Have a great week everyone. I’ll figure out a way to add more content to this site soon. Finals … Continue reading

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The One Piece Universe is infinitely mysterious and remarkably elegant. Eiichiro Oda has created something really special, and has taken Monkey D. Luffy on an adventure over 10 years in the making. The best part is, they're only halfway!

This site is dedicated to the best and latest One Piece news and theories. Join me in discussing the latest chapters, your latest theories, and raising awareness for the greatest story being told.

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