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ch730+ now on onepeacetheory.com!

just introduced a new layout for chapter 730+ please update your bookmarks if you were kind enough to bookmark my site! onepeacetheory.com see you over there 🙂 Advertisements

op chapter 729 – shichi v shichi has been released!

happy wednesday, everyone! one piece chapter 729 has been released in a couple places .. here we go – op ch 729 – powermanga op ch 729 – mangastream op ch 729 – i heard mangapanda stole mangastream’s scan. coooool? (eh, pirates) the one piece dressrosa page has been updated as of 6:20 pm and … Continue reading

working on a new layout

yeahup. check it out if you’re interested: http://onepeacetheory.nerolago.com/ i’d appreciate some feedback – good bad or indifferent. if i get a lot of “uhhh what why” i won’t change it. let me know muchos gracios for everyone else – check out the dressrosa (currently updating) page, which you can find right.. over… ………………………here!

chapter 728: the number of tragedies, now out!

it’s out it’s out – chapter 728 – read it on mangastream check out the dressrosa (currently updating) page right over here.. and i wonder if this would work better in a tumblr per chapter format? it’d be easier to navigate, for sure, but.. know what? there are no buts. i’m slowly working out the … Continue reading

one piece 727 – the ambushing hero, released!

come one, come .. on one piece chapter 727: the ambushing hero, has been released – op 727 – powermanga – here | ccc @ apf’s translation + a great raw op 727 – mangastream – here | always solid, always fast op 727 – mangapanda – here aka the scan of last resort, but … Continue reading

one piece chapter 726 – released!

one piece chapter 726: the riku family, has been released – op 726 – mangastream – here! the dressrosa (currently updating) page has been updated as of 8:59 pm pst, and yeowza – quite a few things confirmed for us in this one for everyone to start thinking about! otherwise man.. kishi.. what are you … Continue reading

chapter 725, is out!

one piece chapter 725: the undefeated woman, has been released – op 723 – mangastream – here! the dressrosa (currently updating) page has been updated as of 10:51 pm est, and damnit, we have a break coming up next week. lots of good reading material up though already – and i’m only halfway done! will … Continue reading

op ch 723 rlsd!

one piece chapter 723: change of plans, has been released – op 723 – mangastream – here! the dressrosa (currently updating) page has been updated as of 7:01 pm pst, and i must admit – it’s not that good. maybe i’m getting burnt out. or maybe i’m getting even lazier. shit. have a great week … Continue reading

one piece chapter 722 released!

one piece chapter 722: the royal bloodline has been released for your viewing pleasureeee – op 722 – powermanga (scanlation by ccc @ apf) – here! op 722 – mangapanda – here! op 722 – mangastream – puddle! the dressrosa (currently updating) page has been updated as of 9:23 pm pst, and boy oh boy … Continue reading

one piece chapter 721 released!

one piece chapter 721 has been released, and it is available for viewing mangastream – one piece chapter 721 here! the dress rosa (currently updating) page has been updated, as it is every week – but everyone is saying there’s yet another break next week. darnit – we just made 6 in a row! have … Continue reading

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