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Analysis complete!

In a very sad turn of events, VIZ Media has stopped mangastream from translating and releasing anything out of the Weekly Shonen Jump series. The fact is, this directly impacts my site and my ability to provide content to you all. So while I am most certainly bummed, I can’t say that I’m surprised. VIZ is exercising a right they very much have, so instead of looking backward, we should press on and move forward.

VIZ has been met with a lot of anger and hate from the manga reading community – some of it deserved, but most of it not. I offer up to you my analysis about the entire situation, and provide some recommendations for VIZ and the community moving forward. It gets a little cheesy at the end, but a little cheese never hurt anyone! (qualifier: unless can’t tolerate lactose)

I hope you enjoy my analysis, as I worked relatively hard on it (you can always do more research :P). I also hope that you share it with others, if you agree with my sentiment. We’ll all find out together what will happen during these next few weeks, so until then, have a wonderful week! 🙂 I’ll do what I can to stay current and on top of anything that develops!


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