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the current arc is over! let the new world begin

I wanted to wait until just before this week’s chapter comes out but screw it, fishman island arc is now over! The Straw Hats have avoided Smoker and Tashigi for now, but where have they ended up? A sea of red? I’m excited to find out what that means for them, and I’ll be setting up the “new world (continuous)” page soon! The fishman island arc predictions/notes will still be available on the right side bar, as there is still a lot of relevant information there.

Otherwise, check out this youtube AMV Itsonlyzero @ reddit shared. He described it as the video that convinced him to watch One Piece, and I think it works really well as something to do just that: it doesn’t spoil much and it shows a lot of the action and current animation quality (the first hurdle is the animation quality). Totally worth a watch.

As always, if you’re new to this site, check out the thoughtroll page and the current arc pages (link upon page creation), as they are the most easily accessible right now. Thanks!

Update: Just created the predictionroll page, which will be a place for me to roll out practically baseless but cool predictions about the future of the series!


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