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Hey everyone, thanks for visiting! I’m looking at this site and I’m saying to myself, man, this is totally inaccessible. For that, I apologize. By the end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday), I’ll make a couple of changes to streamline this site and make better use of the twitter/comment system. I know it’s Monday everyone, but have a good week!

Update 4:49 PM PST: Alright I think I have the gist of what I want. I was going to do some sort of star rating but I felt like this makes more sense. Also, you’ll all notice that a lot of these pages aren’t quite filled out yet. Well I took a bunch of them down 😛 I’m gonna spend a good amount of time filling them out, and putting them back up tomorrow and Thursday/Friday as well. Thanks!


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The One Piece Universe is infinitely mysterious and remarkably elegant. Eiichiro Oda has created something really special, and has taken Monkey D. Luffy on an adventure over 10 years in the making. The best part is, they're only halfway!

This site is dedicated to the best and latest One Piece news and theories. Join me in discussing the latest chapters, your latest theories, and raising awareness for the greatest story being told.

I'm trying to standardize the formatting for this site, so use this as a general guide for now with hopes that it will all be consistent in the near future :)

// denotes a theory
\\ denotes a question
<-> related, objective facts
--> evidence towards
<-- evidence against

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